PIC16F18446: Get started with 8bit PIC microcontroller with led blink

PIC16 are a series of 8 bit PIC microcontrollers made up on RISC architecture. They have internal oscillators hence crystals are not required for general speed operations. PIC16F18446 includes 28KB flash memory. More in depth details and features of this microcontroller can be obtained from the official datasheet: Download here.


PIC16F18446 Xpress evaluation board
PIC16F18446 Xpress evaluation board

We can easily learn, program and devlop some projects using this xpress evaluation board. Microchip offered free samples of this product. It contains 8bit microcontroller PIC16F18446. An LED is connected to the RA2 pin and a push button is connected to the RC2 pin.

Xpress board connection.

xpress board
xpress board
  • The xpress board can be connected to the computer using standard usb cable.
  • Our aim is to program the chip with a simple led blink program. 
  • Connect the board to the computer. You will see a new drive which is named as CURIOSITY.
  • Curiosity new drive
    Curiosity new drive
  • Download the ledblink .hex code from the link . LED Blink code: Download here.
  • Copy the ledblinkcode in the CURIOSITY drive.
File copied to drive
File copied to drive
  • Now you can see that the led connected on the RA2 pin is blinking.


  • Led blinking PIC16F18446 xpress board

How to write code and generate hex file for PIC microcontrollers.

Microchip have made a software [Integrated development environment] available for the users named as MPLAB X IDE where users can write and debug codes. The IDE can also compile and produce hex file.

Check out this article which is related to this post about how to write/ debug and compile code and get a hex file for the PIC 8 bit microcontrollers. The simple LED blink example is illustrated.  Program and generate hex files for PIC microcontroller


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