Simplicity studio: Getting started with the Gecko Boards

Simplicity studio is an application by Silicon Labs. It is used to develop IOT applications using various microcontroller boards provided by silicon labs. There are various boards like Mighty Gecko, Zero Gecko, Blue Gecko, etc which are built with 32 bit microcontrollers like EFM32 or EFR32.

To get started with some of these boards you need to set up an environment first. Download Simplicity Studio from the silicon labs website.

Link here:

Step1: After downloading. Connect your board and wait for the drivers to be installed. Now install Simplicity Studio. During the installation you will come up on the screen to Login or Sign up to the silicon labs. You have to login/sign up to your silicon labs account.

Step 2: Click Yes when you see below image.

Step 3: You will come up on the below screen. Click on Install by Device. 

NOTE: Make sure your board is connected to your PC.

install by device- Simplicity studio
install by device- Simplicity studio

Step 5: Simplicity studio will allow you to download some plugins. They are required for your application development. Click Next.

Access grant

Step 6: Now select the plugins required for your application. Select GNU Arm Toolchain, Simplicity Energy Profiler, Bluetooth SDK, Bluetooth Mesh. These are important for the development of EFR32 Blue Gecko. Click Next.

Plugins Install- Simplicity Studio
Plugins Install

The Plugins will be downloaded and installed. After downloading Simplicity studio will tell you to restart. Click yes and restart the simplicity studio.

Step 7: After starting the Simplicity studio you will see the main screen. You can see your board connected in the left side using J Link. Click on it and you can see examples and documents which you can take it as a reference.

Main Screen - Simplicity Studio
Main Screen

Step 8: Now go to HELP> Update software. You will see below screen. Go to package manager and there you can see all the plugins sdks, tools which you can install whenever you want.

Install package - Simplicity Studio
Install package






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