Esp8266 interfacing with Arduino

We will learn Esp8266 interfacing with arduino uno. We will use serial monitor of Arduino software to test and use it.


ESP8266 is a low cost WiFi module which helps us to implement some IOT Projects. It itself has a controller and general purpose I/O pins. It’s very easy to use and can be easily configured using serial port. It works on 3.3v supply and hence it requires a regulator when interfaced with a microcontroller. As it just cost around 300-400 Indian rupees and also it is easily available in the market so it is widely used. Lot’s of development has been done on this Module. The AT-Commands are used to talk and configure the chip.

Esp8266 Interfacing with Arduino UNO.

First of all one needs to be aware of using Arduino Uno Board. Check Here: Getting Started with Arduino.

Make proper connections as shown below.

  • RST, CH_PD, VCC- 3.3V Supply.
  • TX of Arduino( Pin 1)- connected to TX of Esp8266.
  • RX of Arduino( Pin 0)- connected to RX of Esp8266.
  • GND of Arduino connected to GND of Esp8266.

esp8266 interfacing with Arduino
Circuit connection

After connecting the circuit as shown above you will see a red led which is a power status led. It means that Esp8266 is successfully powered. You will also see a small blue LED sometiimes blinking. It shows that CH_PD pin is powered which is used to enable the ESP8266 module and must be connected to 3.3V.

More details on ESP8266 can be obtained from Here:

After circuit connection.

  1. Connect your Arduino to PC.
  2. Open Arduino Software.
  3. Verify and Burn Bareminimum code into your Arduino. It can be obtained from File>Examples>Basics>BareMinimum. It will look like a blank code. Burn this code into Arduino.
Arduino Bare Minumum Code
Bareminimum code

4. Now open Serial Monitor from Tools. Select Baud Rate 115200. Default is 115200. Select Both NL & CR.

5. Type AT. You will receive OK response from ESP Module. It means that ESP8266 works perfectly. Now use different AT commands to configure the ESP8266 module.

Output of Esp8266
AT-Ok Output

Changing Baud Rate.

Type AT+UART_DEF=4800,8,1,0,0 You will receive OK Response. It will change the baudrate to 4800

Changing Baud Rate of Esp8266 wifi module
Baud Rate

Now change baudrate from below to 4800. Type AT. You will receive OK. It means you have changed the baud rate to 4800 successfully. You can try for different baud rates.

Checking available nearby wifi networks.

Type AT+CWLAP . You will see different WIFI networks.

See available wifi networks using esp8266
Nearby newtworks

Connecting to WIFI network.

Type AT+CWJAP=”wifiname”,”password”. It will connect to a wifi network.

There are lots of AT commands you can work with. Check out all the commands here:

How to upload to Server using Esp8266. Check Esp8266 arduino uploading values to thingspeak.




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